Starting restaurant is more than just a dream.

From finding the right location to designing a smooth flowing kitchen, careful planning is vital.

The kitchen being the "heart" of a restaurant and our team of designers & builders can make this possible.

As a trusted "BUILDER OF A PROFESSIONAL DREAM" amongst restauranteurs. CABE is working with numbers of international food chain and local F&B brands

We have our own fabrication factory to cope with fast track projects and the requirements of all kinds of custom made designs and specifications to meet.

About The Cabe

At Cabe, we pride ourselves in providing the most cost effective approach to designing, supplying and installing commercial catering equipment. With our competitive manufacturing & purchasing power, we are able to provide the best price to you. Our experienced & highly knowledgeable consulting team creates designs & equipment solutions to all sectors of the catering market, F & B outlets, production kitchen & etc. We are committed to ensure high standards of quality, efficiency & hygiene while setting up. And most importantly, you can be sure of the ‘best value’ is delivered within your budget & timeline.

Quality Policy

We strive to achieve the highest quality in our services and products to ensure satisfaction from our customers. Service quality – to be fast, efficient, dependable and always able to offer solutions and deliver to our customers. Product quality – be right the first time, making it with care and cost effective. In order to achieve the above, we make it a point to always understand our customers’ requirements.


To be the preferred equipment & solutions provider in the food & beverage industry.


To design & create an efficient kitchen workplace, where productivity & service are optimized.


Teamwork makes the Dream works, but a vision can only become a reality when the leader has a big dream and a good team. CABE excellent teamwork spirit enable problem-solving easier since our team consists of people with different skills and knowledge,work together to produce a creative solution. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to achieve uncommon results; we listen and understand our clients' requirements & fulfilling customers' satisfaction. Over the years, our speedy service and sincerity has empowered us to move forward with our satisfied clients.



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What We Do

At Cabe, we pride ourselves in providing the most cost effective approach to:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Repairing & Servicing

“Service Built To Perfection”
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When your appliances aren’t doing their job, neither are you. No matter the time that your appliances begin giving you trouble, Cabe will be there promptly to perform a quick, efficient repair.
We keep qualified technicians on call 24/7, so your equipment mishaps will never keep you out of the kitchen for long.


As a business owner, manager or chef, you take pride in maintaining a clean, safe kitchen that runs smoothly from shift to shift. However, sometimes an unexpected problem can put a dent in your kitchen’s productivity. To prevent inconvenient breakdowns that cost you time, money and happy customers, regular preventive maintenance is a must! With Cabe, you can tailor a preventive maintenance program to meet your specific needs.

Cabe provides equipment from leading brands in the industry. When it’s time to replace outdated or faulty cooking equipment, we have the products you need, along with experienced technicians to install them. Our team is here for you. Contact us today to see why our valued customers have trusted us for regular contract.

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